Monday, February 6, 2012

Just another random day

How was my day? I'm so glad you asked!

By 7:20 in the morning I had already told the boys about 12 times that NO, they couldn't watch their Superhero movie yet, that they should eat first; only to be received with, "last night when you were gone, Dada said that you are weird. That we are boys and we like watching Superheroes all the time, so you need to let us watch them."

By 7:30, now 10 minutes in to the movie, the little one picks up the Wii remote like a phone and says in to it, "Hello? Yeah, my Mama's in a very bad mood this morning." Click.

7:45- My hair is still unpresentable for work, and oh great, today isn't only show-and-tell day at school, it's also our day to bring snack. Ugh, I was going to be Supermom and make homemade granola bars for the kids. I probably shouldn't have watched 3 back-to-back episodes of Weeds on Netflix. Oops. There must be an unopened bag of pretzels around here somewhere.

8:15- Of course I can't find matching socks for anyone.

8:17- Of course there are dishes left in the sink from last night.

8:20- Of course no one is listening to me as I'm yelling for the 50th time to hurry up and get dressed.

8:30- The babysitter shows up and I get to leave. Thank God. Mama needs a break.

At work, I only get cursed at about 5 times, told this work is whack about 4, and my boss only rolls his eyes once and stands idly by as I try to enforce some sort of rules. One student learns how to pick all of the locks on the floor- with, guess what, his high school ID card. How appropriate.

As I walk back in the front door, the little voices make me happy again. My artistic genius made something fabulous at school, and the little one was the fastest runner in his sports class. All is well in my world once more.

Nap time comes, and 5 loads of laundry howl dauntingly at me from the dark confines of the basement. 3 more episodes of Weeds are so much more appetizing. Yet I only make it through one and a half. Nap time ended early today.

I stab myself in the thumb and start bleeding everywhere as I'm cleaning up from another dinner that no one ate. But the boys are actually playing nicely upstairs, so it doesn't even bother me. I sit down for a second for some dinner and adult conversation. Ahh yes, it's almost over.

But not yet. With fork in hand, I am stopped dead in my tracks. It's 7:45 PM. "Mom, you need to come up here right away. Ty just pooped on his carpet".