Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dude Club

Dude Club (def): That blissful time during the week when all of the dudes in the house hang out, and there are "no mamas allowed". AKA: Mama's favorite time of the week.

Dude Club was founded about 3 years ago- as soon as CJ was old enough to put a hat on backwards, and get outside to "help Dada work".

And soon enough, there were three members instead of two:

It has quickly evolved in to the time of week when things like this happen in the living room, and Mama isn't home to say anything:

The time of week when everyone celebrates Mama being out of the house so they can start being way too rough with each other and listen to music with lyrics that are completely inappropriate for 3 and 4 year olds to memorize.

So how do I even know what goes on during Dude Club? Well truthfully, I probably would have no idea; and ignorance could truly be bliss... Except for the fact that Ty has now had a gray tooth ever since it slammed in to CJ's head while "wrestling" about a month ago. Or for the fact that Ty woke up singing to himself. Lyrics of choice? "Dey know, dey know, dey know..." Or my favorite: Ty's go-to line whenever he now hears any sort of hip-hop song: "Wait! I think this is Cwis Bweezy." Ah yes, thank you, Dude Club.

But guess what? I literally do not care. Because Dude Club time means that I get to leave. Alone. (And hope that I remember to change the music before 10 minutes goes by and I'm now belting out the third Laurie Berkner song in a row. That only happened once by the way. Fine, maybe twice.)

Ok, ok, so maybe I baby these guys a little too much. Maybe it doesn't have to be all kids' stuff, all the time. But you know what? All too soon, Mama's cool ideas will be corny. So I'm hanging on to them for as long as I possibly can. (And that way, DAD can be the one responsible for all of the injuries.)

Long live Dude Club.

PS- On a totally different note, I know I've been MIA lately. And a lot of the reason is because I've been working really hard on a brand new blog! Have you seen it? It's called Healthy...With a side of ranch, and it's all about my journey towards total health and happiness(Yes! I do more with my life than let two crazy kids run me ragged!) I'm telling you, not only because I'm desperate for people to read it (even though I am), but because maybe you'll be able to relate to some of it, or even walk away with a new tip or trick to add to your arsenal. I'd LOVE to hear your comments on it!