Thursday, September 6, 2012

It Happened

I have now started this post 5 different times, and I've realized that there is just no clever or witty way to say it. Yesterday, I had to do the hardest parenting thing yet.  I had to send my baby boy, my handsome guy, my pride and joy, to KINDERGARTEN.
All I wanted to do was take his picture a million times.
All he wanted me to do was stop taking his picture so
he could finish watching his show.

I have been thinking about and dreading this day for the past five years, and I absolutely cannot believe it's here. How the freak is it possible that I am old enough to have he is old enough to be a kindergartner?!?!
Wasn't it just last week that I brought him home from the hospital?  And wasn't it just yesterday that I was chasing him around the house with his frog potty reminding him to sit and try? 
And all I could do yesterday was stand back and watch him walk away from me.  Down the hall and in to an entirely new phase of his wonderful life.
And all I could do was hope that all of his time with his friends at preschool would give him the confidence he needs to make new friends. Hope that the reading and drawing we did this summer would give him the skills he needs to keep up with the academic demands. Hope that the schedule we've had him on since birth would provide him with the security he needs to persevere through the long days, knowing that I'll be right there waiting for him the second he gets out every afternoon.
So I took a million pictures (much to his dismay), asked the hubs a million questions (much to his dismay), and started bawling the second I walked out of his brand new world (much to my dismay). 
He didn't cry. Not a tear. 
No problem, I thought.  Everyone thinks school is fun the first day.  I'll bet he'll miss me and be excited to see me tomorrow.  Plus, he'll definitely be exhausted.   Um, yeah. Wrong again.  Today, Day Two, I picked him up (7 HOURS after he got dropped off) and you wanna know what he said? 
"School went by too quick.  I wasn't ready for you to come pick me up yet."
Well, I guess I did do my job after all. And now I have it in writing.  I'm totally showing this to him when he's a miserable 10th grader. 
And now, I think, is a very appropriate time to retire this wonderful little blog. I no longer have "tragically true tales of my life with two toddlers" to pass along.  I have two glorious little men running around my house- making me laugh, making me proud, and mostly making me crazy. 
 I hope you'll join me over at my new blog, Healthy...With a Side of Ranch, where I chronicle their insanity, along with every other detail of my ever-enthralling life.  And just as a sidenote:  I don't broadcast those posts on Facebook, so if you want to keep up (and why wouldn't you?), please make sure you hit the "follow me" button over there (on the right hand side), AND the "subscribe by email" button (on the left).  I truly hope I'll hear from you.